Daughter of an artist (her father was a sculptor, painter), Lilliana Comes graduates from Istituto d’Arte di Napoli “Filippo Palizzi”, where she studies under sculptor Lelio Gelli and painter Enrico Cajati.She has her works displayed in many exhibitions, both individual and collective, in places such as Copenaghen, Berlin, Bern, London,New York,and at the International Boat Show of Qingdao (China) with the Mediterranean series.With the Domus Artis Gallery of Naples, with whom she had an exclusive contract from 2009 to 2011, she is a guest at Arte Padova,and Arte Genova where she is met with public approval and gains the attention and interest of many national and international collectors.In 2014, with Cervino Edizioni d’Arte, she takes part in the project Arte Dubai and in An Art Search in London (2015).As an illustrator in the publishing industry, from 2010 she is the author of various covers and illustrations for books and magazines, and among them the illustrations for the article “Migrazione Minorile in Egitto” (“Under-age Migration in Egypt”) on Panorama.In 2015 she is contacted by the Art Director Giuseppe Giulio, who proposes her for the Fashion for Art project “Benetton wears Lilliana Comes” (Benetton Exhibition in Fiuggi).Her works are featured in many catalogues and private and public collections.Presently, her critic reviews are curated by art historian Professor Angelo Calabrese. Her interviews and reviews have been featured on Donna Moderna, Il Mattino, Repubblica ,Panorama and Vanity Fire

The world narrated by Comes is about everyday heroes whose dignity is expressed through the courage to live, despite joy and pain; it is a kind reality, an acceptance of life not with resignation, but with the courage of a kind of humanity that has in itself the capability to evolve. This communicative ability is connected to a talent to traslate in sign the human impression, through a kind of painting that alternates, to the great importance of drawing, an exquisite chromatic search. Lilliana Comes’ ancient and yet modern reality is a light and fascinating suspension of everyday life, so that the soul can understand, through the eyes, how reality, however critical, carries with it the importance of human beings.

Press Office and Worldwide Communication director

Giuseppe GIULIO